Websites for Martial Arts Schools: Tips to Increase Trust and Conversions

Websites for Martial Arts Schools: Tips to Increase Trust and Conversions

Martial Arts DM Mobile FriendlyThere is no doubt how digital marketing has radically changed the way we do business. We used to do print and radio ads for brand awareness and marketing, but now, it is all about the internet.

Over the years, the internet has proven to be a highly effective way to reach a wider scope of an audience as compared to how much we did before its time. Now, an engagement post on Facebook could reach thousands, even millions of people. What’s better than social media and having your business page? Your very own website.

Suppose you already have a running website. Have you ever wondered why despite having been there for a while, you have not seen a significant change in your sales and conversions? Despite regularly updating your website, hosting promotions, and promoting your business, your business seems to be stuck in a rut?

Martial arts schools are everywhere now, resulting in a tighter competition and the idea of having to work double time on your marketing efforts. How do you make sure to stay on top of your game?

There might be a few factors you could be overlooking. When it comes to maintaining a website, it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in design and marketing. Your website should reflect what your martial arts school’s objectives are, and at the same time be appealing to your target audience.

We have a few tips and tricks you can try to maximize your website by increasing trust and conversions.

→ Look closer at the feel and vibe of your website. We are naturally visual, which is why it is crucial to make sure our website stay up to date in terms of design and looks. These days, less is more. Crisp and modern design continue to dominate what seems to be the best way to go to a website. Simple and straight to the point look pleasing to the eye and helps your business maintain a professional look.

Martial Arts DM-Level up with 5star reviews→ Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Research shows more and more people browse the internet using their mobile phones. Some website designs look horrible when you’re on mobile, while some are designed to look as great, even better, on a mobile version. It is always better to use a design that’s as good whatever device your audience is using.

→ Update your content, especially your image gallery. Most people browse a website’s gallery as compared to the blogs. This also explains why blogs work better with pictures. In your website, you have to make sure you highlight your martial art school’s most recent developments in terms of facilities and activities. Parents typically check out your school’s facilities, whether or not it looks safe has the most gravity when it comes to their final decision of sending their kids to your school or not.

→ Include bios of your instructors. Because martial arts are now very popular for kids, parents are your usual website visitors. They want to know how professional your instructors are, and whether or not they can trust your school to keep their kids safe, and at the same time learning well on the classes you offer. If possible, you must consider using video intros, so they feel like they’re actually interacting with your instructors.

→ Highlight reviews and testimonials. Websites work pretty much like selling products online. When shopping for something online, we trust reviews and usually base our judgments on those. If you ever have reviews and video testimonials, make sure you place them on the front page, where first-time site visitors can readily see them. Great, honest reviews naturally encourage trust, thus paving way for more enrollments and conversions.

Website maintenance might be a little overwhelming at first, but that is why we exist. We help businesses maximize technology by using the internet to expand their scope and be able to reach more people needing the solutions they offer. Your website is your business; your business is your website. Remember that, and you’re sure to kick the competition out.

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